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The Lycksele ring structure–still no proof of an impact origin

  • Anders Holmqvist
  • Carl Alwmark
  • Henning Dypvik
  • Odd Nilsen
Publishing year: 2020-01-24
Language: English
Publication/Series: GFF
Document type: Journal article
Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Abstract english

The origin of the more than 100 km wide Lycksele ring structure in Sweden has puzzled geoscientists for years. In this short note we present results from field analysis, detailed sampling and laboratory analysis executed in search for evidence of an impact, e.g. shatter cones and shock features in minerals. Both approaches gave negative results and consequently an impact origin could neither be confirmed nor rejected. The circular structure of the Lycksele ring and its central uplift are, however, typical features of large, complex impact structures.


  • Geology
  • Lycksele ring structure
  • possible astrobleme
  • Possible impact crater
  • Swedish Lapland


  • ISSN: 1103-5897
Carl Alwmark
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