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Credit transfer


As a student, you have the right to apply for credit transfer from courses taken at other universities. This applies to both Swedish and foreign education - including exchange studies.

The application for credit transfer from previous education or exchange studies is made on a special form (pdf, new tab). Fill in the form, if needed together with Director of Studies Dan Hammarlund, who is your contact person at the Department of Geology, and who will also assess your application.

You need to enclose documents/merits with your application. If your credit transfer is based on previous education the following documents must be included: transcript of record (completed course) and course syllabus including literature list, or study certificate (incomplete course) and course syllabus including literature list.

For exchange studies, special procedures regarding documents/qualifications apply. Always find out in advance what applies to credit transfer of courses from the university you are going to study at. Read more about credit transfer of exchange studies at the Faculty of Science website. Before leaving, check how many higher education credits at Lund University the course(s) you are going to study abroad correspond to.

Note that the handling of your application may take up to three weeks. If your application is accepted, the credits will be transferred to Ladok. If your application for credit transfer is rejected, you can appeal the decision to The Higher Education Appeals Board, Lund University, Box 117, 221 00 Lund (more information in the application form).

The documents related to the credit transfer will be registered. When handling this credit transfer application, your personal data will be processed in accordance with applicable legislation.