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Leif Johansson

Leif Johansson


Leif Johansson

BeFo 382 - Detailed Comparison Study of 3D-characterized Rock Mass and Geophysical Models


  • Per-Ivar Olsson
  • Peter Jonsson
  • Sara Johansson
  • Leif Johansson

Summary, in English

This paper presents a study where resistivity and integral chargeability three-dimensional (3D) models, representing a volume in the vicinity of a rock quarry is compared to a quasi-3D characterization of rock mass volume. By repeating geological mapping, i.e. with unmanned aerial vehicles, ground based high resolution photography and sampling, as the quarry operation reaches further into the rock volume mapped with geophysics, we retrieve a semi-continuous geological characterization of the same rock mass volume characterized by the geophysical investigations. This enables a detailed comparison between geophysical results and rock volume, where factors such as fracture and weathering zones or rock type is being considered.


  • Engineering Geology
  • Lithosphere and Biosphere Science

Publishing year





Near Surface Geoscience 2017 - 23rd European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics

Document type

Conference paper


European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers


  • Geophysics


  • DCIP Teknisk Geologi
  • Structure-from-Motion
  • Gigapixel
  • Electrical Resistivity Tomography

Conference name

23rd European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics

Conference date

2017-09-03 - 2017-09-07

Conference place

Malmö, Sweden




  • Geophysical and geological survey of rock quality in Dalby quarry for detailed comparison in 3D