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Lena Uldal Hansen

My research is focused on subglacial processes and is called 'Sediment Production: Lithological and Subglacial Hydrogeological controls (SPLASH)'.

By investigate the links between ice, water and sediment in modern environments through a combination of methods we aim to characterize subglacial sediment quantitatively, both in the field and in the laboratory. 


Main supervisor: Sven Lukas
Co-supervisors: Charlotte Sparren bom, Helena Alexanderson, Erika Tudisco (LTH) and Miriam Jackson (NVE)

Page Manager:
PhD project: Sediment Production: Lithological And Subglacial Hydrogeological controls (SPLASH)
E-mail: lena [dot] uldal_hansen [at] geol [dot] lu [dot] se

Doctoral student

Quaternary Sciences

Sölvegatan 12, Lund