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Megan Allington

My PhD project aims to generate new palaeomagnetic data from Southern Africa. This will enable a better understanding of deep Earth processes. Currently, due to a dearth of palaeomagnetic data in the southern hemisphere, the patterns of core convection are not well constrained. For instance, it is unknown that features seen at the core mantle boundary in the northern hemisphere are also present in the southern hemisphere. The information from this project will therefore help aid our understanding of the geodynamo.

The project will focus on archaeological specimens, mainly ceramics. By focusing on collecting data from archaeological specimens, the project will also allow the creation of a secular variation curve for Southern Africa which will be used to date archaeological artefacts from the region.

Supervisors: Dr. Andreas Nilsson (Lund University), Prof. Anders Lindahl (Lund University) and Dr. Mimi Hill (University of Liverpool, UK).


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Megan Allington
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