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The Almelund Shale, a replacement name for the Upper Didymograptus Shale and the Lower Dicellograptus Shale in the lithostratigraphical classification of the Ordovician succession in Scania, Southern Sweden

  • SM Bergstrom
  • Kent Larsson
  • Christian Pålsson
  • Per Ahlberg
Publishing year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 41-47
Publication/Series: Bulletin of the Geological Society of Denmark
Volume: 49
Document type: Journal article
Publisher: Geological Society of Denmark

Abstract english

The formation name Almelund Shale is proposed for a lithostratigraphically defined unit to replace the outdated chronostratigraphical designations Upper Didymograptus Shale and Dicellograptus Shale in the Middle and lowermost Upper Ordovician succession in Scania. The Almelund Shale is a lithologically uniform unit of dark-grey to black shales with rare carbonate interbeds between the Komstad Limestone and the Sularp Shale. Apart from a diverse graptolite fauna it yields a few shelly fossils (mostly lingulate brachiopods) and biostratigraphically diagnostic conodonts and chitinozoans. In the type sections of the Almelund Shale along the Sularp Brook in the F (a) over circle gels (a) over circle ng area; W-central Scania, the top of the unit is taken to be the base of the F (a) over circle gels (a) over circle ng Phosphorite, and its basal contact is at the top of the underlying Komstad Limestone. Its total thickness in the F (a) over circle gels (a) over circle ng drill-core is 28.32 m. The unit is widely distributed in the subsurface in a SE-NW belt across Scania.


  • Geology
  • lithostratigraphy
  • Ordovician
  • graptolite biostratigraphy
  • Scania
  • Sweden


  • ISSN: 0011-6297
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