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Bradoriid arthropods from the lower-middle Cambrian of Scania, Sweden

  • Maria Eugenia Dies Alvarez
  • Rodolfo Gozalo
  • Peter Cederstrom
  • Per Ahlberg
Publishing year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 647-656
Publication/Series: Acta Palaeontologica Polonica
Volume: 53
Issue: 4
Document type: Journal article
Publisher: Instytut Paleobiologii PAN

Abstract english

Three species of bradoriid arthropods from the lower to middle Cambrian transitional interval of Scania, southern Sweden, are described and illustrated: Beyrichona tines from the top of the traditional lower Cambrian (Gislov Formation: Ornamentaspis? linnarssoni Zone), and Hipponicharion eos and Alutella sp. from the basal portion of the traditional middle Cambrian (lowermost part of the Alum Shale Formation). The bradoriid fauna compares most closely with others previously described from western and eastern Avalonia (New Brunswick and England). The record of B. tinea suggests a correlation between the "Protolenus Zone" (Hupeolenus Zone) of western Avalonia and the O.? linnarssoni Zone of Scandinavia. Hipponicharion eos appears to be a fairly long-ranging species as it has previously been recorded from upper lower Cambrian or lower middle Cambrian strata in New Brunswick, Poland, and probably Sardinia. The record of H. eos from the lowermost part of the Alum Shale Formation suggests that this largely unfossiliferous interval in the Scanian succession is not younger than the Acadoparadoxides oelandicus Superzone. The genus Alutella has not previously been recorded from the Acado-Baltic Province.


  • Geology
  • Sweden
  • Cambrian
  • Scania
  • biostratigraphy
  • taxonomy
  • Arthropoda
  • Bradoriida


  • ISSN: 0567-7920
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