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Per Möller


I have been director for the geology department for seven years (2000-2006) and after that (2007-2011) assisting director with main responsibility towards economy and budget issues.


As a glacial/Quaternary geologist I teach courses in glacial sedimentology and geomorphology, as well as glacial history. I also teach applied aspects of quaternary geology as hydrogeology, engineering geology and resource- and environmental geology.


I’m active as a researcher - and much more now than in previous years as the administrative load has gone down - and PhD supervisor in two of our research groups; (1) Glacial Processes, Sediments and Landforms and (2) Reconstruction of Quaternary environments in Polar and mid-latitude regions - palaeoglaciology and climate history. Polar research lies close to my hart; since 1989 I have made extensive field work on Greenland, Svalbard, Siberia in arctic Russia and on Antarctica. Recently performed expeditions has been on the Taimyr Peninsula in Russian Siberia (2010, 2012) and to Tierra del Fuego in southernmost South America (2014). However, much of presently ongoing research centres arround (i) the formation of drumlins in south Sweden and, (ii) glacial history and palaeoenvironmental change in south Scandinavia for a period before the Last Glacial Maxumum (50-30,000 years ago, MIS 3). The latter will be carried out by means of core drilling in deep sediment successions in Småland and Skåne, and the project is financed trough a recently recieved 3-year grant from the Swedish Geological Survey.

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