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Lund Luminescence Day 2020 - Postponed!

Welcome to a day about luminescence dating and dosimetry!

POSTPONED due to covid19. New date likely in mid-late September. More information to come later.

Luminescence work.

Hosted by the Lund University OSL centre for Dating and Dosimetry (Department of Geology in Lund, and Medical Radiation Physics in Malmö), in collaboration with the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, we aim to introduce participants to optically stimulated luminescence dating and dosimetry. With a full day of talks, discussions and demonstrations, we’ll focus on the role of luminescence in archaeology, geology, medicine, environmental studies and forensics.

The full programme for the day can be found below.

Attendance is FREE, but advanced sign up is essential.

LLD is a whole day event, however it is split into two sessions (morning: geology/archaeology and afternoon: medical/personal dosimetry), and you are very welcome to join us for just one session if you prefer.
In the event that this workshop is over-subscribed, we will operate a waiting list in the order that we received your registration.
Please don’t hesitate to be in contact with us should you have any questions: luminescence [at] geol [dot] lu [dot] se  
Looking forward to seeing you there!

The Organising Committee

Amber Hood, Helena Alexanderson, Christian Bernhardsson, Lovisa Waldner & Björn Nilsson


Lund Luminescence Day Programme

9:00–10:00: Registration + Exhibition

10:00–10:15: Welcome 

10:15–10:30: Introduction to Luminescence 

10:30–11:00: Sediment Dating 

11:00–11:20: Coffee/Tea Break + Exhibition

11:20–11:50: Rock Surface Dating

11:50–12:20: Ceramic Dating and Other Applications in Archaeology

12:20–12:30: Morning summary and discussion

12:30–14:00: Lunch Break + Demonstrations + Lab Visits

14:00–14:30: Introduction to Luminescence Dosimetry 

14:30–15:00: Retrospective and Prospective OSL Dosimetry

15:00–15:20: Coffee/Tea Break + Posters

15:20–15:50: Gamma Spectrometry

15:50–16:10: Question time and closing remarks

16:10–17.00: Lab visits + Demonstrations


Speakers: Helena Alexanderson, Eike Rades, Amber Hood, Lovisa Waldner, Christian Bernhardsson, Christopher Rääf

Demonstrations: ceramic sampling, create your own OSL dosimeter, personal dosimeters, gamma spectrometry, sediment sampling, portable OSL reader 

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