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The Laboratory for Ceramic Research

Basic and Applied Research in the Field of Ceramology

The Laboratory for Ceramic Research is mainly involved in ceramic/archaeological research. This activity serves the archaeological science by providing laboratory investigations of ceramic artifacts.

The aim of the technological analyses is to establish choices of raw materials and manufacturing techniques and vessel functions. Working with these data in combination with studies of vessel shapes and decorative elements, it is possible to shed light on questions concerning distribution of prehistoric, medieval and post-medieval ceramic materials. By combining the results of several independent analyses, it is possible to gain information concerning different traditions of handicraft as well as contacts and relations between different groups of people. A further aim of ceramology is to reach beyond the pottery itself and try to grasp the activities in ancient society and thus create a contact with prehistoric man.

Furthermore, the Laboratory for Ceramic Research serve as a centre of education in the field of pottery documentation and registration. Series of courses are given each year to groups of students as well as to individual researchers. Experimental archaeology is always ongoing to test and understand the ancient metods.

The laboratory has well established collaborations with archaeological institutions and museums throughout Europe and Africa and participates in international ceramological networks.

The laboratory has the following equipment: special facilities for documentation of ceramic artefacts, furnaces for thermal analysis, equipment for chemical multielement analysis, computer-aided furnace with IR-detectors for multiphase carbon determinations, equipment for petrographic microscopy combined with a system for image processing and analysis, workshop for the preparation of thin-sections and access to XRD- equipment.

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Conference at KFL

Conference at KFL

An international conference "Prehistoric Pottery across the Baltic - Regions, Influences and Methods"

Work in progress for a publication on the proceedings of the conference, contributions are accepted until the end of January.


Workshop vid KFL


Teknisk keramik, bronshantverk och samhällsförändring
Den 2/6 2014 kommer en workshop att hållas vid KFL i Lund. Temat är förändring under skiftet brons-järnålder. Förändring syftar till skiften i teknologi, samhällsordning, nya kontaktnät, import och export, nya material etc.

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Anders Lindahl awarded Visiting Professor

Visiting Professor

Anders Lindahl has been awarded Visiting Professor at University of Pretoria.

Anders Lindahl and Vice-Principal Stephanie Burton

New Ceramics lab at UP, South Africa

Ceramics lab

The Laboratory for Ceramic Research in Lund is collaborating with the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, Univerity of Pretoria; South Africa to set up a Research lab for Ceramic Analyses.