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Conodont biostratigraphy of the Early Triassic in eastern Slovenia

  • T. Kolar-Jurkovšek
  • Y. L. Chen
  • B. Jurkovšek
  • M. Poljak
  • D. Aljinović
  • S. Richoz
Publishing year: 2017-12-01
Language: English
Pages: 687-703
Publication/Series: Paleontological Journal
Volume: 51
Issue: 7
Document type: Journal article
Publisher: Maik Nauka-Interperiodica Publishing

Abstract english

The Early Triassic is a critical interval for the study of recovery from the terminal Permian mass extinction, as there are small-scale extinction events, which may have contributed to the delayed recovery. The systematic measuring and sampling of a 12-m-thick section at the Mokrice locality in eastern Slovenia has resulted in the recovery of a conodont fauna from the Olenekian beds. Four conodont zones have been recognized. These zones are in ascending order as follows: the Hadrodontina aequabilis Zone, Platyvillosus corniger Zone, Platyvillosus regularis Zone, and Triassospathodus hungaricus Zone. These conodont zones confirm the proposed conodont biozonation sequence in western Slovenia and have correlation value especially for the western marginal Tethys. Multielement conodont apparatuses of Triassospathodus hungaricus and Platyvillosus regularis have been reconstructed based on conodont elements that were recently obtained from the Slovenian sections. Although the S2element was not found, the apparatus indicates that the conodont species “Spathognathodus” hungaricus should be assigned to the genus Triassospathodus.


  • Geology
  • apparatus reconstruction
  • biostratigraphy
  • conodonts
  • Early Triassic
  • Slovenia


  • ISSN: 0031-0301
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