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Department Management

Department of Geology Management

The department advisory board

The advisory board within the department consists of people with different types of management positions, and serves as support for the Head of Department in various decision-making matters. The advisory board discusses and handles current issues of a more strategic nature, and often prepares the agenda for the Departmental Board. The group is also an important forum for dialogue between the institution and the faculty. The composition of the group guarantees that the variety of information reaches the staff quickly and efficiently. The composition of the advisory board also secure a high decision-making quality because the current issues are highlighted with versatility prior to decisions.

The advisory board meets Thursdays 13:00 on odd weeks, or when the Head of the Department convenes a meeting.

advisory board


The Department Advisory Board 2016: Helena Alexanderson (Deputy Head of Department), Ulf Söderlund (Subject Representative BGG), Raimund Muscheler (Subject Representative KVG and Acting Head of Department), Mikael Calner (Head of Department), Dan Hammarlund (Director of Undergraduate Studies), Anders Scherstén (Director of Doctoral Studies), Gert Pettersson, Staff Representative. The advisory board also includes Gisela Caesar (Head of Registry, not in picture).

Department of Geology Board

The board is the department's ultimate decision-making body. The Board is headed by the Head of Department, and its composition reflects the different staff groups and includes representatives of the undergraduate and graduate programs. The Board is elected to stand for three years.

Department board 2015-2017: Mikael Calner (Chair), Helena Alexanderson (teacher), Carl Alwmark (teacher), Mats Eriksson (teacher), Helena Filipsson (teacher), Raimund Muscheler (teacher), Ulf Söderlund (teacher), Robin Gullstrand (T/A), Gert Pettersson (T/A), Johanna Stadmark (researcher), Martin Bernhardsson (PhD), Johan Gren (PhD), Johan Pettersson (student).

Deputies: Dan Hammarlund (teacher), Anders Scherstén (teacher), Git Klintvik Ahlberg (T/A), Wiktor Skoglund (student).

The board meets three times a semester, or when the head of department convenes.
Department of Geology Board Minutes:

Post-graduate Research Committee

The Department of Geology has a joint post-graduate research committee with the Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystems Analysis (INES). The committee monitors and promotes our joint post-graduate research program. It is also active in issues relating to the training of supervisors and internationalization. In addition, the committee is a preparatory body for decision-making by the Board in respect of tertiary level education. The chairman is the Director of Graduate Studies at INES (Jonas Ardö).

Basic Education Committee

This committee has overall responsibility for developing and coordinating training at basic (bachelor’s) and advanced (master’s) levels within the department. The Board is a forum for discussion and long-term planning, as well as being responsible for the quality of education at undergraduate and graduate levels. The committee consists of a director of undergraduate studies (Dan Hammarlund, convener), student counselor (Karl Ljung) and study secretary (Henrik Stålhane).

Equality Committee

Equality Committee's main task is to develop proposals for an equality plan, and to monitor it annually, and revise it. An important task for the committee is also to raise awareness of gender equality within the department. The committee reports its work to the Department Board. To the Equal opportunity group's webpage.

Safety officers

Safety officer: Åsa Wallin

Deputy safety officer: Mattias Olsson

Other duties at the department

Director flammable materials: Mattias Olsson
Deputy flammable materials: Åsa Wallin
Fire manager: Helena Alexanderson

KLARA-responsible (chemicals): Git Klintvik Ahlberg

Environmental Coordinator: Vakant

Page Manager: