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Re-examinations are generally offered around five weeks after the ordinary exams. Additionally we offer a second re-examination the last week of August. Courses that have their ordinary exam at the end of the spring semester instead have their first re-examination in the last week of August and a second re-examination in January.

Registering for re-examinations is done by mail to martin [dot] nalepa [at] geol [dot] lu [dot] se. Please note that the last date to register for the August exams is the 20th of July. Your registration should include the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Course to retake
  • Part of course (if applicable)

Remember to bring a photo ID to the exam.

Re-examination dates 2019


26th of August in Rodinia (Room 243):

  • GEOM08 Metamorphic Petrology and Structural Geology from 9:00 till 14:00
  • GEON04 Global and Regional Marine Geology from 9:00 till 14:00

28th of August in Rodinia (Room 243):

  • GEOM11 Magmatic Petrology, Geochemistry and Geochronology from 9:00 till 14:00

30th of August in Rodinia (Room 243):

  • GEOM09 Evolution of the Biosphere, Palaeoecology and Palaeontology from 9:00 till 13:00
  • GEOM10 Sedimentary Geology and Basin Analysis from 9:00 till 14:00
  • GEON06 Palaeoecological Methods and Environmental Analysis from 9:00 till 13:00
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