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Solar and geomagnetic dynamics


View of the Little Dome C camp from a distance of 2 km. Photo: C. Barbante, 2021

Our research encompasses many different aspects of solar system and Earth sciences that range from solar and geomagnetic field variability to sun-climate interactions, carbon cycle investigations and climate studies.

solar header

Ice core radionuclide measurements allow us to reconstruct the solar magnetic field and solar storms thousands of years back in time. This leads to a better understanding of the solar dynamo and an improved risk assessment in connection to large solar storms that could be devastating for today’s society.

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We combine measurements of remanent magnetizations in ancient sediments and burnt archaeological artefacts to construct global models of the geomagnetic field over the past few thousand years. These models are used (i) to probe Earth’s core where the field is generated, (ii) to relatively date geological and archaeological records and (iii) to disentangle solar and geomagnetic signals in cosmogenic radionuclide data.

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We develop climate field reconstructions combining climate models and climate to produce seasonally resolved reconstructions of temperature, pressure and precipitation. Using these data we can evaluate model variability in space and time, as well as attribute variations in climate and weather to climate forcings, for example, major volcanic eruptions or variations in solar activity.

Furthermore, we are involved in major ice core projects in Greenland and Antarctica aiming to improve the dating of the deepest ice with radionuclide studies (10Be/36Cl dating) and in the international effort to improve the 14C calibration curve (INTCAL project).