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Master´s Degree Project in Geology, 45 ECTS credits

If you are planning to do a Master's degree project you need to approach one or several of our teachers whose research is in line with your interests within the field of geology. You should do this well in advance of the start of your project for discussions about possible tasks. Alternatively, you can approach an external partner, for example to perform a project of applied character at a private company or an authority. When you have got such an offer you need to be given a main supervisor at the Department of Geology. IMPORTANT: In the latter case you have to contact the course coordinator (Director of studies) who assigns a supervisor to you. You should not try to find an internal supervisor yourself.

Note that you need to apply for admission to the course GEOR02 through during the study term before you plan to start your Master's degree project (at the latest by 15 April or 15 October, respectively). Contact the Director of studies if you have questions related to this.  For more information, see the instructions document below.

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General information

This is a mandatory course at advanced level for inclusion in a MSc. degree in geology, with a specialisation in bedrock geology (NAGEL BERG) or Quaternary geology (NAGEL KVRT). Please, note that You need to be registered for the programme, and You also need to have acquired at least 30 credits at advanced level in geology to be admitted. The course can be initiated at any time of the year (see programme structure), and You can choose to make a break at any time, for example to follow other courses as part of Your MSc. education.


Period: Full-time studies.
Admission requirements: General and a minimum of 210 ECTS credits, including 30 ECTS credits in Geology at the advanced level, normally corresponding to two of the courses GEOM08-GEOM11 or GEON04-GEON07 or their precursors. English B (advanced) proficiency.

Application - Non-exchange students
Application - Exchange students

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