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Programme structure

Master courses

Our MSc. programme has two specialisations with suggested study paths according to the scheme below. As admitted to one of these you are automatically admitted to the first two courses within the respective specialisation. However, within the limitations of the degree requirements (see below) and the periods of the year when the courses are given, you can tailor your studies to your own interests by combining courses from the two specialisations (provided that you fulfil the admission requirements for the specific courses). Also, note that you only need to take at least three of these 15-credit master courses to obtain a degree, while the 45-credit degree project is mandatory. Questions about this can be directed to your student counsellor.

Quaternary Geology


Bedrock Geology


GEON05 Glacial sedimentology - processes, sediments and landform systems, 15 credits


GEOM10 Sedimentary Geology and Basin Analysis, 15 credits


Ht 1



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GEON06 Palaeoecological methods and environmental analysis , 15 credits

GEOM11 Magmatic petrology, Geochemistry and Geochronology, 15 credits

Ht 2

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GEON04 Global and Regional Marine Geology, 15 credits

GEOM08 Metamorphic Petrology and Structural Geology, 15 credits

Vt 1

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GEON07 Quaternary climate and glaciation history, 15 credits

GEOM09 Evolution of the biosphere, palaoecology and palaeontology, 15 credits

Vt 2

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Master degree project, 45 credits

Master degree project, 45 credits



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Elective course during any period, 15 credits

Elective course during any period, 15 credits

Pil Pil  
  Master of Science in Geology  


Degree Requirements:

  • 120 credits in total
  • At least two of the M or N courses listed above
  • At least 75 credits in Geology
  • A 45-credit degree project


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Geysir on Iceland. Photo Wim Clymans