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1. Circa 0,5 kg sample is sawed in 1-cm thick slices using an ordinary slab saw. 


Saw room

2. After washing and drying, the slices are reduced in size to cm-large pieces by using a small sledge hammer.


Size reduction by small sledge hand
Size reduction by small sledge hammer

3. In order to get a very fine-grained sample (almost powder), we use a small swing mill.


Small swing mill used to get a fine-grained sample
Small swing mill used to get a fine-grained sample

4. After adding some water, the sample is loaded in ca. 50 g portions on a Wilfley-Holman 700 water-shaking table, equipped with a 1270 mm fibreglass sanddeck, and repeated until all sample has been processed. We use a hand manget to remove magnetic minerals from the recovered high-density fraction. The whole procedure is shown in the video to the right.


Wilfley-Holman 700 water-shaking table
Wilfley-Holman 700 water-shaking table

Quicktime 7 is required to open the video file. The video takes a few minutes to download and start please be patient. 

Quicktime download