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Raimund Muscheler

Raimund Muscheler


Raimund Muscheler

High-resolution aerosol data from the top 3.8kyr of the East Greenland Ice coring Project (EGRIP) ice core


  • Tobias Erhardt
  • Camilla Marie Jensen
  • Florian Adolphi
  • Helle Astrid Kjaer
  • Remi Dallmayr
  • Birthe Twarloh
  • Melanie Behrens
  • Motohiro Hirabayashi
  • Kaori Fukuda
  • Jun Ogata
  • Francois Burgay
  • Federico Scoto
  • Ilaria Crotti
  • Azzurra Spagnesi
  • Niccolo Maffezzoli
  • Delia Segato
  • Chiara Paleari
  • Florian Mekhaldi
  • Raimund Muscheler
  • Sophie Darfeuil
  • Hubertus Fischer

Summary, in English

Here we present the high-resolution continuous flow analysis (CFA) data from the top 479m of the East Greenland Ice coring Project (EGRIP) ice core covering the past 3.8kyr. The data consist of 1mm depth-resolution profiles of calcium, sodium, ammonium, nitrate, and electrolytic conductivity as well as decadal averages of these profiles. The nominally 1mm data represent an oversampling of the record as the true resolution is limited by the analytical setup to approximately 1cm. Alongside the data we provide a description of the measurement setup, procedures, the relevant references for the specific methods as well as an assessment of the precision of the measurements, the sample-to-depth assignment, and the depth and temporal resolution of the data set. The error in absolute depth assignment of the data may be on the order of 2cm; however, relative depth offsets between the records of the individual species are only on the order of 1mm. The presented data have sub-annual resolution over the entire depth range and have already formed part of the data for an annually layer-counted timescale for the EGRIP ice core used to improve and revise the multi-core Greenland ice-core chronology (GICC05) to a new version, GICC21 . The data are available in full 1mm resolution and decadal averages on PANGAEA (10.1594/PANGAEA.945293, ).


  • Quaternary Sciences
  • MERGE: ModElling the Regional and Global Earth system
  • BECC: Biodiversity and Ecosystem services in a Changing Climate

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Earth System Science Data





Document type

Journal article


Copernicus GmbH


  • Geophysics




  • ISSN: 1866-3508