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Samples for wood anatomical (species) determination:

Object rate (initial fee per object or project) 1500 SEK
Additional fee based on number of samples included (typically charcoal or wood fragments):
1-2 samples 500 SEK
3-10 samples 800 SEK
>10 samples 1200 SEK

Samples for dendrochronological analysis (age determination):

Object rate (initial fee per object or project) 4000 SEK
Construction timber 600 SEK per sample
Archaeological objects 900 SEK per sample
In some cases substantially reduced rates can be offered, primarily for projects that can provide scientifically valuable data to the laboratory, such as:
• Samples exceeding 2000 years in age.
• Samples of unusual tree species.
• Samples from previously poorly analysed regions.
• Large number of samples from the same object or construction.

Field work:

5000 SEK / day

All rates are given without Swedish VAT. Rapid handling can be offered at an additional rate of 35% of the total cost according to above. Please, contact the laboratory for more detailed offers and additional information

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