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Anders Lindskog

The Ordovician period (circa 485–444 million years ago) was characterized by very high global sea level and shallow seas covering large parts of the continents. During the middle parts of the time period, rapid diversification occurred among marine animal groups, but the reasons for this global phenomenon are not fully elucidated.

Through detailed studies of Ordovician microfossils and sediments, I hope to add some puzzle pieces to the story of this eventful time interval, to expand our knowledge about the biotic and environmental development on Earth.

My door is (almost) always open for visitors, so don't be afraid to come by!



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Anders Lindskog
E-mail: anders [dot] lindskog [at] geol [dot] lu [dot] se

Postdoctoral fellow

Lithosphere and Biosphere Science

+46 46 222 78 73


Sölvegatan 12, Lund


A bit more about Anders

Geology is one of my biggest interests also outside of academia, together with astronomy, (especially physical, manned or unmanned, space exploration). Outside of the natural sciences, my main hobbies are music and video games – like geology (and astronomy), both have taken me to wonderful places. Despite me being years away from even being conceived back then, the 60s have caught most of my musical attention throughout the years. When it comes to video games, however, the 80s and 90s provided very many of my fondest video game memories (but some high-quality titles have also been produced since then, of course).