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GEON07 Cancelled

Quaternary climate and glaciation history,15 ECTS credits

Cancelled VT 2021

What is the explanation for repeated glaciations during the past few million years and how many glaciations have there actually been? How much and how fast has Earth’s climate varied, what are the mechanisms behind major climate changes and how do we know? How has the landscape, vegetation and human life been affected by the glaciations? How do we affect the climate system today, what will our future climate be like and when will the next ice age come? If you attend this course you will get the answers to these and many related questions. You will also get a comprehensive and up-to-date review of the latest discoveries in Quaternary geology. The course starts with a lecture series combined with literature studies, discussions and brief excursions to Denmark and the province of Skåne (where Lund is situated). About two weeks are set aside for a written assignment on the climate and glaciation history of some specific period or part of the world, followed by oral presentation of the report. The course ends with an exciting excursion through southern Sweden to the Scandes Mountains where we will have a closer look at the evidence of former glaciations. The course provides practice in acquiring information from scientific primary publications as well as oral and written communication in English.


Sediment and landforms are studied in just over a week-long excursion; these images are from northwestern Dalarna
Sediment and landforms are studied in just over a week-long excursion; these images are from northwestern Dalarna. Photo: Per Möller

General information

This is an elective course at advanced level, suitable for inclusion in a MSc. degree in geology. Please, note that You need to have completed GEON05 and GEON06, or possess the equivalent knowledge (see syllabi for GEON05 and GEON06), to be admitted. The course is taught during the second half of the spring term.


Period: Spring semester, second part (VT2), full time studies
Admission requirements: Minimum 90 ECTS credits in Geology or Earth Sciences, including GEOB21-GEOB25, GEOB01-GEOB04 or equivalent, and GEON05 Glacial Sedimentology - Processes, Sediments and Landform Systems, 15 credits, and GEON06 Palaeoecological Methods and Environmental Analysis, 15 credits, or equivalent. English B (advanced) proficiency.

Application - Non-exchange students
Application - Exchange students

Student Counsellor

Karl Ljung
studievagledare [at] geol [dot] lu [dot] se

Course coordinator