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Helena Alexanderson

As a Quaternary geologist my main interest is to learn more about what happened during the glacials and interglacials of the Quaternary period, to understand the interplay between ice, land, sea and atmosphere, how landscapes have evolved and environments changed, especially during the last 200 000 years. I mainly use sediments, stratigraphies and landforms to reconstruct palaeoenvironments, and use dating methods such as luminescence dating to determine when things happened. Geographically, I mostly work in the Arctic and in Scandinavia. My main current research concerns aeolian deposits in Sweden and Norway, a geological archive that so far has been poorly used but that can give us better knowledge of deglacial environments. Other ongoing projects concern glacial history and ice-age environments on Svalbard and in northern Scandinavia. I teach sedimentology, geomorphology, glacial geology and geochronology, mainly at Lund University but also as a guest lecturer at UNIS. I am head of the Lund Luminescence Laboratory and deputy head of the Department of Geology, working mainly with fire safety and work environment issues.

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Aeolian sand project

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Members of the aeolian sand project: Martin Bernhardson, Sara Florén, Edyta Kalińska-Nartiša and Helena Alexanderson.

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